Satyendra Sattoo

A Healthy and Nutrious Product for a healthy body

Satyendra Sattoo made from standrad Quality of Chana (Gram or Chickpea). It is regularly used in many household and restaurants. It is used in many food and snacks preparations especially during summer and is an item of mass consumption. Since it is made from gram, it has certain nutritional values as well.

Nutritional Fact per 100g of product
Energy 403.60 Kcal
Protein 22.88%
Carbohydrate 64.28%
Phosphorou 0.15%
Phosphates 0.34%
Calcium 249.90 mg\kg
Iron 51.84 mg\kg
Crude Fibre 1.05%
Vitamin B3 0.37%
Vitamin C 2.4%
Nlaclnamide 0.29%
Pantothenic Acid 7.46%
Fat 5.77%