Kolkata, the City of Joy, is ready to celebrate Durga Puja with full gusto! Well, the wait is almost over! The mad rush at the malls and every possible nook and corner of Gariahat, New Market, Hati Bagan, Burrabazar (just to name a few) for new clothes, accessories and more is gradually thinning, though the last-minute shoppers are still flooding the streets to nab the hot deals.

When grabbing those bags containing pujo purchase (one of the fab ways of how Bengalis love to term ‘shopping spree’ as) what we Bengalis cannot do without are egg rolls, ice-creams, momos( the pretty popular but new addition to the list of coveted street foods), phuchka etc. along with shopping. And with the arrival of Maha Sasthi and Durga Ma’s bodhon, the gastronomic pleasures get tinged with the jomiye khawa dhawa mood and no Bengali will beg to differ in this sphere.


Durga Puja is not only about welcoming Durga Ma and her children with gaiety and grandeur, it is about unlimited fun, food fiesta, with the heart rustling up emotional moments of every colour. What you cannot give a miss while soaking in the festive spirit is gorging on some traditional yummy food and the top manufacturing company of natural and healthy products, Satyendra Food Products Pvt. LTD., has in its tow some of the key products that form an integral part of Durga Ma’s bhog, which in turn, become the tummy tantalizer for the food lovers. With products that need no introduction like Sattoo, Besan, Chakki Atta,Maida, Suji, Dalia of this agro food based company, doubling up fun while making your taste buds to do dhunuchi naach (the moves to the beats of the dhak with incense burner) becomes easy.

The young lot along with the young-at-heart who believe in pandal-hopping to let their eyes feast on some creative brilliance of the craftsmen of the variedly themed pujos or strictly traditional daker saaj pujo with ek-chala protima, can begin the day with sattoo (chatur sarbat) which is healthy, easy-to-make, curbing your hunger pangs for hours!

Durga Puja is incomplete without relishing loads of luchi with cholar daal, kasha mangsho, payesh, suji, the list can go to any length depending on your preferences. Maida is the main ingredient behind the fried puffy breads (luchi). Suji too holds a special place in the heart of the Bengalis cooked in ghee with some addition of milk, crunchy cashews and kishmish (dry fruit). Talking about the terrific trio, i.e. luchi, suji & begun bhaja that you get on the saal patta when visiting any barir pujo during these five days of immense fun and enjoyment; Sashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami- you cannot help but feel privileged!

Besan of different varieties forms the top choice for many while cooking tele bhajas of different varieties to go with the lip-smacking khichudi bhog drenched in ghee. Besan forms the coating adding to the crispy and crunchiness of the different fried items.

So this Durga Puja, let loose, forget for five days your gym membership fees and tuck away that weighing scale somewhere; because you deserve to celebrate with friends, family and closed ones by completely getting drowned in the festive spirit.

Here’s wishing Happy Durga Puja to all from Satyendra Food Products Pvt. LTD! Have a great one ahead!