Biharis are more than just about their interesting dialect. Their recipes, popular across the country, bring the best of taste and tadka, vouching to leave you savouring for more (even when you’re full). And oh, these super-desi foods are better than your average McDonalds and Pizza Hut’s combo any day and everyday.

So, this weekend, stop-short your way on the fast food store. Give yourself a break from junk and enjoy these five world-famous Bihari cuisines that are luscious, affordable, and healthy:

  1. Litti Chokha

Possibly the most well-known street food in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, Litti-Chokha is on a whole different level. Spicy, crispy and oh-so-mouth watery, litti is baked from wheat flour dough with a mixed stuffing of besan and spices inside. The chokha is a mash of potato, tomato,spices and other vegetables. You can also include an add-on of chatni and have your litti dipped in desi ghee, for added flavor. This one is a complete authentic Bihari cuisine favorite of all seasons.

  1. Dal Puri and Sabji

This isn’t your average puri-sabji. It’s spicier and tastier. The puri is stuffed with whole Bengal gram, lemon, garlic, ginger and other spices for added flavors. Deep fried in oil (or desi ghee), this one accompanies sabji, which is basically a mash of potato, chickpea, and other vegetables. Ideal for early dinner, the Bihari dal puri and sabji is a dish to savor.

  1. Sattu Parantha

Add a kick to your every-day paranthas with this refined recipe. As the name suggests, the parantha is stuffed with Sattu. But what adds to its yumminess is the more ingredients that go with stuffing, including mashed pickles, tomatoes and other vegetables. Pour some melted desi ghee or cheese on it and enjoy the delicacy just like that. In addition, you can also serve the sattu paranthas with sabjis, preferably one that includes potato and fewer spices and oils; mashed potatoes with green peas is a great combo.

  1. Thekua

Chhath puja or Mahaparv is incomplete with Thekua. Also, no weddings in Bihar and UP are ever complete without this sweet, crunchy item. Although it’s usually consumed as a regular snack, it can be a full-fledged meal if teamed with gravilicious-sabji and pickle. It is made using wheat flour dough, ghee, sugar, oil, and coconut. Deep fried, when it dries, it looks and tastes sweet and crispy that’s ideal for your family’s gala evenings.

  1. Malpua

A very sweet dish that’s popular across the country, the Malpuas you find in Bihar are completely out of the world. It’s a perfect balance of mass in the center and crispy on the edges. Best served after a heavy meal, this traditional dessert dish drips of scrumptiousness. It’s made by mixing wheat, milk, sugar and mashed bananas. To kick its taste more, you can even add sweet butter, honey and dry fruits from outside. Love apple pies? You will forget how it tastes after feasting on Malpuas.

Indeed, there are a lot more Bihari cuisines that continue to serenade people in different corners of the country, from Kadhai badi to Khaja. If you haven’t already tried these, it’s time you hold your McD and Pizza Hut outing this weekend and Google the places that serve the best Bihari foods. Or better, get with your mother and prepare one of these recipes. Standing tall over decades is the well-known agro-food based manufacturing company, Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd. having a vast inventory of healthy, nutritious products for their beloved consumers.