About Company

Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing agro food manufacturers, ranked #1 in East and North India. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we bring a wide range of superior quality products under a single roof. We are headquartered in West Bengal with distributorship across the country.

The Movie-esque Backstory

Founded in 1987 by Mr. Satyendra Prasad Shaw, the story of the company and its founder has been interesting till date that could likely make up for a best-seller. (Any writer?)

When we turn back the pages of history, we find that Mr. Shaw used to help his father in selling Sattoo Sherbet near Hastings, Kolkata. He was pretty young then, but the first seed of a business idea germinated on his mind from that young age only, which ultimately led to the establishment of Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Mr.Shaw during that time observed that sattoo was consumed by the not-so-privileged people a lot more including patients and their families as recommended by doctors for the immense nutritional benefits that Sattoo offers. The advantages of roasted gram flour were further probed in by Mr. Satyendra Prasad Shaw and with the consumers recommendations, belief, support – he gave shape to the slice of hope and his business dreams leading to the foundation of Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Following, the upbeat response from the customers and the sight of business prospects further pushed Mr. Shaw to scale his venture. Months turned into years and by 1993 a small seed idea was now big. Through countless operational, infrastructural and growth challenges, that one stall turned into a brand and manufacturing company that dominated a large part of East India.

Where We Are Now

Started with a sole focus on Sattoo, Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd. soon expanded into different segments and now we have agro food products like Besan, Maida, Atta, Dalia and Suji as a part of our product line. We have plans to include Pulses in our product range and we are working hard to achieve this business goal.

We are an ISO certified company with a state-of-art manufacturing facility and a large team of highly motivated individuals.

“Satyendra” brand products now reach different corners of the country. We are not only recognized as an industry best with unparalleled quality in our offerings, but are also trusted by lakhs of households, foot outlets, and street vendors. It is “trust” of our consumers, which has been the key driver all these years behind our undying commitment to make the best use of traditional ways of producing healthy products with matchless quality. We are updated with newer technologies that facilitate the production process, but it’s our desi ways which has enabled us to be ahead of the game and offer that sunshine smile to our ever-expanding base of customers.

The Big Mission

Our core mission has always been to blend flavor with health and deliver customers a lasting experience. And that’s what we plan to do in the coming years and decades — only on a much larger scale.

To carry the legacy and vision of Mr. Satyendra Prasad Shaw, we plan to make our Sattoo and other healthy agro products a widespread choice for all to promote better living. While ‘Satyendra’ is already a recognized brand, we want to take it to newer heights not just nationally but also in the international market.

To cover that journey, we’re relentlessly working hard to widen our product portfolio and several other departments so that we can supersede customer satisfaction and become a brand that breathes and cares for its customers.

Our Commitment To Customers

As one of the most trusted names in the agro food industry of India, we understand and accept our responsibilities to withhold and promote best manufacturing standards. We pledge our customers of:

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Products that promote better health
  • Socially responsible practices
  • High trust value

Over the past three decades with the mantra of “you’re there that’s why we’re there”, Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has continued to win the trust of consumers across India. We are all geared up with our next set of action plan and we aren’t just walking anymore — we’re now running to make a bigger impact.

If you love recipes that include Sattoo, Besan, Wheat, and Pulse and want to include nutrients, purity on your daily diet, then you are on the right page!

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