Sattu- A Life Saviour Product

  1. Are you thinking of stocking your home with versatile, instant and affordable food items in scarce situations? Then frozen produce is definitely not an optimal choice. Nutritionally speaking frozen products for the most part they have high sodium content. Various nutritionist suggests loading up your kitchen pantry with food items that undergo minimal processing and have longer shelf life therefore sattu is one of the most expedient options.

In tough times and situations of scarcity, we run short of essential items like vegetables, fruits and grocery, getting even basic items like cooking medium gets cumbersome. In a far more complicated circumstance, it is distressing to see prices of food material rising up. Henceforth we require being ready for the worst. It’s time to smarten up and spice up your pantry with easy-peasy recipes, that are not only nutritious but involves hassle-free cooking.

Instant food sattoo comes in as a life saviour ingredient in such tough situations. Sattu is undoubtedly an underrated superfood still there are multiple ways in which one can use sattu to whip up interesting and scrumptious recipes.  On the other hand, sattu is prepared after roasting and so is much shelf-stable. Sattoo recipes are not only easy to prepare but can be prepared using regular pantry items.   It requires no oil and even fewer ingredients. The best part is there is no requirement of any cooking medium; it is as simple as packet kholo gholo aur pi lo. Sattu or may be we can also say roasted chana powder has long been treated as a trusted companion for travellers, labourers and soldiers.

Various nutritionists and health experts time and again rank sattu as one of the best nutritious meal option. It is not only rich in protein but also is rich in fibre that keeps us fuller for longer and prevents binge eating. As a consequence, it prevents us from munching on other high-calorie food items and aids in preserving the pantry for a longer period in tough situations.

Are you the one who finds cooking a difficult task? So when it comes to hassle-free cooking there can be no comparison to recipes made from sattu in the desi repertoire. Either it is sattu sharbat, sattu laddoos or even sattu porridge just mix and eat. Sattu serves as a blessing in various stressful situations. Various students and working women always look for food items that are easy to prepare, contains essential nutrients and doesn’t cost a bomb. Instant food sattu is the answer to all such queries, try mixing sattoo with milk, coconut milk, buttermilk or curd or even coconut water it depends on your preference. Topped with fresh fruits, dry fruits and honey and you are ready to enjoy the wholesome goodness of sattu that are not only simple but offer delicious and nutritious results.

While we are in scarcity, we need to be intelligent and show our culinary skills. As Indian women, we have the in-built talent of presenting tasty yet nutritious dishes using few ingredients available in the kitchen. No matter how tough the situation is we plan and ponder to keep the house running. So keep the hand blenders and various kitchen wares aside and try various simple and instant recipes with sattu that are not only tasty yet healthy.

So what are you waiting for? Get your packets of life-saving nutrition from Satyendra Sattoo and start experimenting.


Everyone craves for a healthy and perfectly shaped body.  In fact, we want to live up to the quote “I have it that’s why I flaunt it”. The perfect hourglass figure is trending, it makes us feel confident whereas a bulky and overweight body shape can be depressing and can distract us from our beauty goals. Then the question arises how to achieve that model-like figure?

The answer is India’s oldest “Superfood- Sattu”. This power-packed food is not only packed with lots of fibre but also a varied range of nutrients that have shown impactful results in accelerating weight loss along with improved health conditions.

Start your day with Sattoo i.e. a power player- metabolism boosting meal. It is rapidly becoming popular because of the higher content of insoluble fibre. It keeps the gut intact and detoxifies the body by helping in cleansing the stomach. As a bonus, it also keeps us full for hours and reduces the craving for mid-morning snacking.

There could be nothing better than a bowl full of Sattu porridge tossed with healthy fruits and nuts along with a dash of honey to kick start your day. The healthy staple food of Bihar and Bengal can be easily transformed into something innovative that tastes good as well as facilitate weight loss.

Various studies have shown that being rich in several nutrients Sattoo also support weight loss. Sattu shows impactful results when consumed on an empty stomach. It is high in fibre that works effectively in conditions associated with constipation, acidity and gas. It improves bowel movement and digestion.

It also works as a wonderful post-workout natural protein-rich drink. It is becoming popular amongst the fitness freaks not only because of its hydrating and cooling properties but also because it boosts the energy levels and keeps the hunger pangs away till lunch. Moreover it doesn’t pinch your pocket like expensive protein powders.

So be Fit and Fab by adding protein-rich Sattoo to your weight loss diet plan. The reason is very simple because protein is an important micro-nutrient that supports building cells simultaneously results in building muscle mass. It also enhances metabolism and reduces bloating. This effectively helps in burning calories and hence can be attributed to its weight loss properties. So, next-time when you go grocery for shopping don’t forget to fill your baskets with packets of Satyendra Sattoo, a trusted brand name since 1987 recognized for purity and quality.






Summary: If you are looking for delectable snacks that cool your tummy and delight your taste buds this summer, then check out the these three Sattoo snacks, we have for you made from Satyendra Sattoo. Read this blog to find out more!

Summer is here and while cooling drinks are definitely on the menu for everyone, a few snacks that would have a similar effect will not hurt anyone. Sattoo or roasted gram flour is known for its cooling qualities and in this blog, we are going to talk about a few snacks you can make from it.

Enjoying these cool summer snacks will give you a good amount of your daily protein requirements and also give you a light feeling. Now, let’s take a look at what delicious Sattoo snack choices there are:

  1. The Sattoo Cake

The Sattoo cake is a refreshing twist on an age old recipe and the dough made from Satyendra Sattoo has many benefits. Sure, you have to mix maida to the dough as well, because you need the fluff, but this variation is a lot healthier than anything you have seen earlier.

In terms of consumption benefits, it has cleaner calories, lighter feel, and a good amount of protein in it. Not to mention the effect of sattoo that will keep you energized throughout the day and not feel sluggish!

Made with malai, dahi (curd) and gur (jaggery), this cake is a massive game changer in the health department, and finally you do not have to feel guilty about that extra slice anymore.

  1. Sattu Paratha – To Spice up Your Evening chai

Evening chai is probably one of the most special things for any Indian household – when the whole family sort of comes together and spends time over tea and snacks. If you are a fan of healthy food, then the Sattoo Paratha made of Satyendra Sattoo fits the bill better than anybody else.

You could have it with aachar or sabjee, and it will taste like soul food with tea. Adding a twist with a bit of potato or cauliflower stuffing will also do the trick for you – adding another delectable dimension to the cuisine!

Take a bite of sheer pleasure with your Sattoo Paratha – and if you want a little zing, then add the chat masala for some fun. 

  1. The Sattoo Burger – A healthy Twist to your favourite snack

If you like to munch on a burger for snacks, then this one will definitely make a run to your recipe book. The Sattoo Burger Patty is a refreshing and innovative way to get good food into your belly and keep you cool while doing it.

You can add seasonings like garlic and even add veggies like carrots, cabbage and your other choices into the patty dough, before you throw it into the deep fat fryer.

Once you do have the sattoo burger on your plate, just add your choice of condiments, a nice glass of fruit juice, and enjoy your favorite snack in all its glory.

Now that you have figured out how you have cooling snacks with Satyendra Sattoo and feel light and energized this summer, while not compromising on taste, what are you waiting for? Get your packet of Satyendra Sattoo now and get cooking!


Summary: Don’t let the summer heat runs you out of energy. Take up sattoo smoothies, which are healthy, easy to make and super delicious. 

‘Tis the season of cold drink’ is upon us. Only for you, it’s going to be slightly different (and healthier). Instead of guzzling Thumps Up in all your spirit, opt for sattoo smoothies.

Full desi, healthy and of course, supremely delicious that can give other drinks a run for their money, sattoo drinks are all that you need to beat the summer heat.

Making your sattoo drink at home is quite simple and standard. However, if you’re looking to explore more delights, you can very certainly experiment with different recipes.

Here are 3 sattoo smoothie ideas that will keep you energetic even on the worst summer days:

  1. Strawberry- Flavored Sattoo drink

As the name suggests, going away from its traditional savor, this one has a sweet tang. It requires sattoo flour, a few strawberries mix, one cup of curd, honey (for extra sweetness) and dry fruits for the final presentation the restaurant-style.

Once ready, keep the drink in your refrigerator for a couple of hours. Serve it after lunch as your dessert. The thickness of the drink depends on your preference. However, many people prefer thin variation.

  1. Power-up Banana Sattoo Smoothie

This one is low in calorie but high in protein. So, when the day is taking a toll on you and you’re tired half way through, banana sattoo smoothie will leave you rejuvenated.

Again, sweet in flavor, it includes sattoo flour, bananas, curd, honey, raisins and walnut powder. Depending on your own needs and taste, mix these ingredients accordingly. At the time of blending, mix a few ice cubes for immediate serve. This one is ideal for post-breakfast, a couple of hours before lunch.

  1. The Bihar- Style Sattoo Smoothie

This is a classic. And indeed, the tastiest of all. You need sattoo flour, lemon, chili, garam masala, coriander leaves and onions. Depending on your tastes and how many people are you serving, mix the ingredients accordingly. Blend it thoroughly; use a hand blender, if possible, instead of machine. The thick the drink is, the tastier it feels.

Drunk in it’s a rather raw form with no extra flavors, the Bihar-style sattoo smoothie is healthy for digestion, keeping you cool within.

These are three Sattoo Smoothie ideas. They are healthy, they are tasty, and they will help you beat the heat this summer.


On your way out to school, college or office tomorrow, stop by that street-side stall and gulp down a glass of deliciously-outstanding sattoo sherbet. And tell us it’s not the best thing you have ever drunk!

Sattoois a superfood for all ages, found in every Indian household. The flour doesn’t only make up for the tastiest stuffing in many recipes, it also packs health benefits in abundance. And this is one of the biggest reasons why, once prevalent only in Bihar and surrounding regions, sattoo isn’t just popular across India now but also in different parts of the world…

Here are some of the benefits of consuming sattoo on a daily basis:

  • Improvement in digestion– It has a high content of insoluble fibre, which makes it quite effective in keeping your intestines and colons cleaner. It also has a detoxifying effect, which further helps to improve your digestion.
  • Beat the heat easily– Sattoo sherbet is a go-to for millions of people in summer. The drink helps cool your body down and prevent from heating during the summer season, also helping in water retention. So, in summer, don’t rush to any soft drink so easily; try Sattoo drink this time and feel the unparalleled (and healthy) effect of refreshment.
  • Packing rich nutrients– The flour includes many different kinds of nutrients, right from protein to healthy fat. So, it isn’t just super-scrumptious; it also power-packs ingredients to offer you a healthier life.
  • Good for your diabetes– Low in iron, manganese and magnesium, as well as in glycemic index, sattoo is known to be quite beneficial for the diabetic and high BP patients. It can help you control your sugar level, as well as Blood Pressure within the limit.
  • Instant energy-booster– The sattoo sherbet is a great energy drink. With so many nutrients in it, and given the fact that it gets digested easily, it helps in achieving a good physical health and mental alertness.

In addition, the flour has many other benefits, right from enhancing your skin health to promoting better hair growth.

So, if you don’t already have a couple of packets of sattoo at your home, make your purchase right away. It’s good for all ages – from kids (boosting their growth) to the old people (treating constipation).

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At ‘Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd’, we offer the best quality Sattoo. With a rich history that spans over three decades, we have established ourselves as a brand that is synonymous with ‘health and happiness’. Millions of retailers and households trust Satyendra Sattoo – and so can you.

Contact for more information!


Summary : Besan is one such ingredient that has been made popular by grandmothers for ages now. Whether it is in kitchen or for skincare regime at home, besan works wonders and it is an established fact now.

The average Indian grandmother has been inclined to use besan in many recipes- thanks to the wow effect it offers to the taste buds apart from being healthy. Besan as a product is rich in potassium, fiber, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B-6 and the list continues. Gram flour or Besan, as it is commonly known, forms an integral part of the traditional Indian cuisine. The pulse flour is made from a variety of grinded chickpea that gives it an unique taste and distinctive yellow color. For vegetarians it is one of the main sources of protein as well.

Honestly, not just in food but besan also plays an important role in the natural skincare remedies. Let’s find out about the benefits of besan for skincare as prescribed by the grandmothers who had access to mainly grocery staples, veggies and more, which they used to apply for a glowing and youthful skin. The beauty products that now flood the market were not so common centuries back, therefore, homemade beauty remedies used to reign supreme!

Tan removal

For living in a tropical country like India where we receive almost direct rays of the sun, chances are that tan is one of the concerning aspects of our lives. Besan, the miracle ingredient is actually very useful as a tan removing agent and is being used in grooming practices for a long time.  All you need to do is mix besan with lemon juice add a pinch of turmeric and yogurt to create a paste. Apply this religiously every alternate night to witness cleaner complexion.

Reduce excess oil

Besan is also one of the key ingredients that helps remove excess oil from the skin. Applying gram flour face pack in the summer will help reduce the production of excess sebum on the epidermal layer. Thus, all you need to do is mix 2 teaspoons of besan with raw milk and gently massage the paste on the skin. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash off the face with lukewarm water.

Anti-Pimple agent

Besan is a great ingredient that helps fight pimples. Even though there are many products available in the market that contains salicylic acid, chances are that you can suffer from side effects with prolonged usage. Hence, it will be advisable to use besan as it will harmlessly reduce the occurrence of pimples. For this, you’ll need to mix besan powder with a teaspoon of milk and turmeric powder. Turmeric has great anti-bacterial properties that helps in killing bacteria, therefore, saying goodbye to pimples.

Body Scrub

Besan has great healing and exfoliating qualities that makes it the perfect homemade all-natural body scrub. For this, you’ll need 3 tablespoons of besan with a tablespoon of grounded oats, 1 teaspoon of corn flour and a little raw milk. Apply this paste as and when required as it gently removes the dry skin cells and reduces oiliness as well.

A simple and common ingredient like Besan can work wonders for your skin.  Hence, next time you hit the market, make sure to purchase the best quality besan for consumption and skincare purposes. ‘Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd’ fits the bill perfectly to serve your besan buying needs.

Proper usage of besan can reap beneficiary effects on the skin. So what are you waiting for?


Biharis are more than just about their interesting dialect. Their recipes, popular across the country, bring the best of taste and tadka, vouching to leave you savouring for more (even when you’re full). And oh, these super-desi foods are better than your average McDonalds and Pizza Hut’s combo any day and everyday.

So, this weekend, stop-short your way on the fast food store. Give yourself a break from junk and enjoy these five world-famous Bihari cuisines that are luscious, affordable, and healthy:

  1. Litti Chokha

Possibly the most well-known street food in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, Litti-Chokha is on a whole different level. Spicy, crispy and oh-so-mouth watery, litti is baked from wheat flour dough with a mixed stuffing of besan and spices inside. The chokha is a mash of potato, tomato,spices and other vegetables. You can also include an add-on of chatni and have your litti dipped in desi ghee, for added flavor. This one is a complete authentic Bihari cuisine favorite of all seasons.

  1. Dal Puri and Sabji

This isn’t your average puri-sabji. It’s spicier and tastier. The puri is stuffed with whole Bengal gram, lemon, garlic, ginger and other spices for added flavors. Deep fried in oil (or desi ghee), this one accompanies sabji, which is basically a mash of potato, chickpea, and other vegetables. Ideal for early dinner, the Bihari dal puri and sabji is a dish to savor.

  1. Sattu Parantha

Add a kick to your every-day paranthas with this refined recipe. As the name suggests, the parantha is stuffed with Sattu. But what adds to its yumminess is the more ingredients that go with stuffing, including mashed pickles, tomatoes and other vegetables. Pour some melted desi ghee or cheese on it and enjoy the delicacy just like that. In addition, you can also serve the sattu paranthas with sabjis, preferably one that includes potato and fewer spices and oils; mashed potatoes with green peas is a great combo.

  1. Thekua

Chhath puja or Mahaparv is incomplete with Thekua. Also, no weddings in Bihar and UP are ever complete without this sweet, crunchy item. Although it’s usually consumed as a regular snack, it can be a full-fledged meal if teamed with gravilicious-sabji and pickle. It is made using wheat flour dough, ghee, sugar, oil, and coconut. Deep fried, when it dries, it looks and tastes sweet and crispy that’s ideal for your family’s gala evenings.

  1. Malpua

A very sweet dish that’s popular across the country, the Malpuas you find in Bihar are completely out of the world. It’s a perfect balance of mass in the center and crispy on the edges. Best served after a heavy meal, this traditional dessert dish drips of scrumptiousness. It’s made by mixing wheat, milk, sugar and mashed bananas. To kick its taste more, you can even add sweet butter, honey and dry fruits from outside. Love apple pies? You will forget how it tastes after feasting on Malpuas.

Indeed, there are a lot more Bihari cuisines that continue to serenade people in different corners of the country, from Kadhai badi to Khaja. If you haven’t already tried these, it’s time you hold your McD and Pizza Hut outing this weekend and Google the places that serve the best Bihari foods. Or better, get with your mother and prepare one of these recipes. Standing tall over decades is the well-known agro-food based manufacturing company, Satyendra Food Products Pvt. Ltd. having a vast inventory of healthy, nutritious products for their beloved consumers.



Kolkata, the City of Joy, is ready to celebrate Durga Puja with full gusto! Well, the wait is almost over! The mad rush at the malls and every possible nook and corner of Gariahat, New Market, Hati Bagan, Burrabazar (just to name a few) for new clothes, accessories and more is gradually thinning, though the last-minute shoppers are still flooding the streets to nab the hot deals.

When grabbing those bags containing pujo purchase (one of the fab ways of how Bengalis love to term ‘shopping spree’ as) what we Bengalis cannot do without are egg rolls, ice-creams, momos( the pretty popular but new addition to the list of coveted street foods), phuchka etc. along with shopping. And with the arrival of Maha Sasthi and Durga Ma’s bodhon, the gastronomic pleasures get tinged with the jomiye khawa dhawa mood and no Bengali will beg to differ in this sphere.


Durga Puja is not only about welcoming Durga Ma and her children with gaiety and grandeur, it is about unlimited fun, food fiesta, with the heart rustling up emotional moments of every colour. What you cannot give a miss while soaking in the festive spirit is gorging on some traditional yummy food and the top manufacturing company of natural and healthy products, Satyendra Food Products Pvt. LTD., has in its tow some of the key products that form an integral part of Durga Ma’s bhog, which in turn, become the tummy tantalizer for the food lovers. With products that need no introduction like Sattoo, Besan, Chakki Atta,Maida, Suji, Dalia of this agro food based company, doubling up fun while making your taste buds to do dhunuchi naach (the moves to the beats of the dhak with incense burner) becomes easy.

The young lot along with the young-at-heart who believe in pandal-hopping to let their eyes feast on some creative brilliance of the craftsmen of the variedly themed pujos or strictly traditional daker saaj pujo with ek-chala protima, can begin the day with sattoo (chatur sarbat) which is healthy, easy-to-make, curbing your hunger pangs for hours!

Durga Puja is incomplete without relishing loads of luchi with cholar daal, kasha mangsho, payesh, suji, the list can go to any length depending on your preferences. Maida is the main ingredient behind the fried puffy breads (luchi). Suji too holds a special place in the heart of the Bengalis cooked in ghee with some addition of milk, crunchy cashews and kishmish (dry fruit). Talking about the terrific trio, i.e. luchi, suji & begun bhaja that you get on the saal patta when visiting any barir pujo during these five days of immense fun and enjoyment; Sashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Dashami- you cannot help but feel privileged!

Besan of different varieties forms the top choice for many while cooking tele bhajas of different varieties to go with the lip-smacking khichudi bhog drenched in ghee. Besan forms the coating adding to the crispy and crunchiness of the different fried items.

So this Durga Puja, let loose, forget for five days your gym membership fees and tuck away that weighing scale somewhere; because you deserve to celebrate with friends, family and closed ones by completely getting drowned in the festive spirit.

Here’s wishing Happy Durga Puja to all from Satyendra Food Products Pvt. LTD! Have a great one ahead!